Virtual Personal Assistant:
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the various services we offer.
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Q: The Admin Guru is based in Melbourne, Australia; how can we do business together?

A: That is one of the main benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant! Modern technology offers us the opportunity to stay in touch at any time; we don’t even have to be limited to ‘normal’ business hours.

The Admin Guru is fully equipped with email, telephones etc., and experienced in the use of the various office-based software products that your company is likely to use. We can communicate, share documents and ideas at any time and regardless of our different geographic locations; clients can utilise our ‘drop box’ facility, allowing them to send larger files via the internet, rather than email.

Q: Why should I choose The Admin Guru as my Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A: The Admin Guru offers each and every client a confidential, professional and personalised virtual business support service. We become your trusted right hand, your own personal PA, someone you can turn to when you need a hand, no matter how small or how large the job is.

We have a wealth of experience in this field and are used to working with people at all levels of the organisation as well as working with a wide variety of business hardware and software. We understand the criticality of deadlines and we know how important it is to be flexible in order to meet your requirements.

Of course, as independent contractors we want you to keep coming back and using our virtual office assistant services plus we want you to refer us to your other colleagues and associates – so the quality of our work has to remain 1st class! We build and maintain excellent working relationships and would encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss together – and resolve – any questions or issues you may have.

Q: As a Virtual Assistant, what is your experience?

A: The Admin Guru can provide over 25+ years of administrative experience. We offer experience working at both an administrative and Executive Assistant level working with CEO’s, Managing Directors, Chief Financial Officers and General Managers.

We have worked within a variety of industries from small family owned organisations to large corporate companies within a variety of industries, for example, management consulting, distribution, occupational health and safety, training, hospitality, human resources and secretarial services.

Q: I don’t really understand what a VA is – can you explain?

A: VA’s are independent contractors who specialise in providing outsourced and virtual administrative support. When you hire a virtual assistant, they work off site, in their own office, therefore, there are no associated costs of employing a full time or permanent employee.

Whilst independent, VA’s have a vested interest in your continued business success; after all we want you to keep using our services!

Q: What are the advantages of hiring The Admin Guru rather than have a person in my office?

A: By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you only need to pay for the work that needs to be done. Plus of course you do not have to pay the overheads involved in providing a workstation and floor space.

Q: What’s the difference between a VA and an employee?

A: A Virtual Assistant won’t cost your company sick leave, holiday pay, superannuation. Nor do you need to find a computer, desk, telephone or floor space for them.

A VA works from their own office and only charges you for the work that is done, not for sitting around looking for work or having fun on their Facebook page during work time!

You only hire The Admin Guru (or any other VA) on an ‘as needed’ basis which is an advantage over hiring a temporary employee for a fixed amount of time.

Q: What administrative services does the Admin Guru offer?

A: A comprehensive list of the virtual business services that the Admin Guru offers and further information on each one can be found on the Professional Services page of this website.

Q: What does the Admin Guru charge?

A: Depends on what type of work you need done. Give me a call and we can discuss your requirements and go from there – our contact details can be found here.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of work I have to give you?

A: No job is too big or too small. Please note, however, we do charge a minimum of 1 hour for our virtual office assistant duties.

Q: What skills do you need to be a Virtual Office Assistant?

A: You need to have administrative experience in the ‘real’ world, not just virtually. Working in a variety of administrative, PA/EA positions for 5+ years will put you in good stead to work as a VA.

Advanced skills in most Microsoft products is a definite requirement with the facilities to work virtually, for example, computer, broadband, mobile etc.

Q: What software do you use?

A: At The Admin Guru, we use the Microsoft Office Suite of products including Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as Mac programs including Pages, Numbers and Keynote. We also use Adobe PDF writer, MYOB and Xero.