About The Admin Guru

about-adminguru-virtual-assistant-Melbourne-AustraliaWhy choose The Admin Guru for your very own Virtual Personal Assistant?

The Admin Guru is a family run business, with family values; we take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. We may be based in Melbourne, Australia but we can provide virtual office services to businesses anywhere in the world.

The Admin Guru offers a variety of ways to send your work quickly and easily to us. Even if you need us at short notice, we can promptly respond, eliminating the problems of having to hire staff at your office at short notice, for short term cover. This also eliminates any need to stretch the skills and resources of your current employees when staff are sick or need to take annual leave.

Outsource your stress – hire the virtual Admin Guru

Running your own business is never easy and you are faced with being “all things to all people” virtually 24*7. It’s hard work and it’s stressful.

We can handle a variety of administrative tasks and project work, which can be outsourced and left in our capable hands, giving you less stress and more time to concentrate on running and developing your own business.

Whether your business is new, with all the challenges of starting up and marketing yourself or whether yours is an established business, our experience means we know what you look for from those you entrust with your tasks, with your confidences.

Of course you need us to be experienced in the software your business uses and in the unlikely event that we are not, then you need us to be quick learners; whilst polished and proficient at what we do and how we achieve it you want us to be open to your ideas and not single minded.

You expect us to work within your time constraints and not to buckle under pressure, so we need to be flexible, have time management skill, be well organised and have the ability to multi task as well as prioritise those tasks you must feel we are part of your team and yet work on our own, remotely and without the need for supervision.

It’s highly important we excel at communication, be it written or verbal and when there are issues, as there are from time to time in the real world, you expect us to troubleshoot, resolve those issues and offer you solutions, not problems.

A personal and loyal virtual assistant service

Obviously you want us to be loyal and offer everything you would expect from ‘an employee’, however, you may wonder how we can perform work for various clients, not be on your payroll and then ask, “why we would be loyal to you?”

At The Admin Guru, we too are running a business and are reliant on our excellent customer service ensuring you come back to us. If you are happy with our work, our attitude and the relationship we have together, not only will you think of us again but you will tell your colleagues, business partners and friends about us – referrals are something we thrive on! So of course we shall remain loyal to you and we have the incentive to work as hard as anyone on your payroll, who know (unlike we do) that their pay cheque is guaranteed next week or month!

In short, The Admin Guru provides clients with a reliable and efficient virtual assistant service and administration support. We provide each of our clients with personal service, so much so, they think we only work for them.

Take a look at our full range of professional administrative services; we may be the “Melbourne Virtual Assistant” but we can provide our services throughout Australia and world-wide. Please feel free to contact The Admin Guru anytime to discuss how we can help you.